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For all who are thirsty

And where my soul grows; you shall be quenched.

10 June
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Well. Lets see. I guess I'm pretty outgoing, and social. I love to read and write and sing and dance! I'm a maniac for music, and I'm just plain super cool. I quite enjoy super nintendo, surfing the web and hanging with my girlfriends.
I was born and raised on the east coast of Canada, I'm amazingly beautiful (ha), I like taking long walks on the beach, drinking penacoladas and getting caught in the rain. I like taking photos, and singing along to really bad music, like Spice Girls and Nsync and Effiel 65.
My goals in life is to steal a penguin, shake my booty with Oprah Winfrey, eat a whole apple pie without pukeing, be able to make a funny face at a old person without them giving me weird looks, mmmm I want to go to Italy and pretend to be deaf, and meet my prince charming who will naturally sweep me off my feet and take me away to his castle on his white horse where we will make lots of babies.
I like getting angry at nothing, and doing nothing when people get angry at me. I quite enjoy quoting nobody's, watching movies that me want a write a better one, I like going to church and trying to sing louder than everyone, I love praising God and praying with my friends, AND snuggling with my mommy.